Monday, May 17, 2010

1 Month Old!

Athen is 1 month old! His birthday is actually tomorrow but I know that tomorrow is going to be busy so I am doing it today. He is getting so big and changing everyday. This weekend he was also able to go on his first roadtrip to St. George. He was such a trooper and was so good. He cried maybe 10 mintues the whole time in the car. He can go on roadtrips with us anytime! Ryan and Athen right before the race. Ryan is such a good dad and helper.Athen was pretty comfy in the warm weather. He loved the sun! Our first little family picture. I love my boys!


GiGi said...

How fun! The pics are so cute! Athen looks even more like Ryan now and his cheeks are starting to fill out. I can't wait to see him in two weeks. By the seriously need help with your blog! I can't read the words cuz they are too light. I will call and get your password to change it and you need a background. Love you!

Marilyn & Steve said...

I agree that Athen looks like Ryan! Cute pictures!
Aunt Marilyn

Meagan Zastrow said...

He looks like he is getting so big. He will start smiling soon:). I can't wait to see him and you.