Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Exciting News!

So I know I am a slacker at updating our blog! We have been so busy with everything lately I just never find the time to sit and look at the internet to much. I figured with us having a baby in April I should get better at posting things since I am sure my mother will want to see pictures frequently. Yes for those of you who have not heard I am pregant and we are going to have a little boy in April. I am at 19 weeks and finally starting to feel a little better. Now I am just getting fatter! We found out this week offically it is a boy although I had a feeling the whole time it was. We are so excited and just want him to be here already so we can play with him!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Hayden Reception

Aunt Heidi, Tawni and Mom
Dad, Ryan and Uncle Steve
Meagan, Coen, Tawni, Melanie and Mom

Ryan and Tawni!

Tawni and Dad.

Wedding Pictures

The Logan Temple.

Wedding Pictures!!!

Finally....some wedding pictures. We got married in the Logan Temple.

More Pics

At the Riter Mansion.
At the Temple.

Family and Friends

Ryan's Buddies. Casey Jorgenson, Ryan, Kyle and Casey Harmon. Family, Lindsay, Meagan, Alyssa, Tawni, Brittany, Darbye, and Jessie.

My side of the family.

Ryan's side of the family.

More Wedding Pics

Cutting the Cake.
The Reception at the Riter Mansion.
Atlas, Ryan, Coen, Tawni and Emy. Meagan's babies.

Meagan, Kylie, (Heather's daughter), Tawni and Heather (Ryan's Sister)

Tyler, Tawni, Meagan and Brad.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

We are Married!

On March 28th, we made it offical and got married in Logan, Utah. It was so fun to have all of our family and friends together and we are just glad that the day is done and over with. We took a short little honeymoon to St. George, Utah, since we had to be back for school but it was nice to just get away for a few days. We don't have any of our wedding pictures back yet but once we do I will post some of those. Thanks to everyone for you love and support and for those of you who made the trip down. It was so fun to be all together!