Monday, May 17, 2010

1 Month Old!

Athen is 1 month old! His birthday is actually tomorrow but I know that tomorrow is going to be busy so I am doing it today. He is getting so big and changing everyday. This weekend he was also able to go on his first roadtrip to St. George. He was such a trooper and was so good. He cried maybe 10 mintues the whole time in the car. He can go on roadtrips with us anytime! Ryan and Athen right before the race. Ryan is such a good dad and helper.Athen was pretty comfy in the warm weather. He loved the sun! Our first little family picture. I love my boys!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Poor Guy

Athen had a rough first week of life. Along with all the trauma of his birth he got jaundice preety bad. He had to spend all his time besides feeding in a bilirubin light lamp to help lower his jaundice. He hated it and I hated it so we cheated a little but after a few days it started going down and we got rid of the bed.

My Little Boy

So I am still new at updating my blog so sorry some of the pictures are upside down but here are few pictures of my little boy. Finally on April 18th I gave birth to my first child Athen Russell Piggott. He is my little buddy and I love being a mom. He already has a little personality and is called stubborn by ever doctor that sees him. He doesn't like to sleep but he loves to cuddle. We just love having him in our family!