Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It has been a while...

So I haven't been good at updating my posts. We have had a busy couple of months with both of us working full time, going to school full time, and raising our fun little boy! I love being a mom and enjoy every second I get to spend with him. He is getting so big. He is crawling all over and trying to figure out how to walk. He can say: Mama, Dada and ball! His favorite thing is to play with other kids and loves seeing babies. We got a new mirror to put up in our living room and while it was on the ground waiting for Ryan to put it up, Athen sat and played with himself. It was so cute to watch! He loves reading books! He will just sit by himself and turn the pages and laugh at the pictures on each page.
He is finally getting a few hairs on his head, at least enough I can do something with it. Ryan doesn't like the little mohawk, but I think it fits him!

Back in February we had a few nice days that were around 60 degrees, but I woke up this morning to another 3 inches of fresh snow. We got out Athen's snow hat to take him outside for a second, he hated it if you can't tell from the picture!